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QuickRewards Review

Monday, 18 February 2008

A couple months ago I recieved an email from a staff(or administrator) of asking me to please review the site. Sorry to say that I'm just now getting to it but better late than never. So here's what's up with this paying GPT site and what it has to offer.

QuickRewards is a GPT site much different from paying sites you're used to, especially the "scenery" and navigation. The site has been around since 2002 - 8 years! After filling out my info to sign up, I caught a small annoyance though. I confirmed my information to be redirected to the homepage but it kept flickering and wouldn't redirect! A one time thing but a simple click on "earn cash" stops that. Now it's time to earn some cash and check out each section they have.

Each section on the "earn cash" page is split up: So you get paid for completing offers, clicks, daily surveys, targetted surveys, trivia, paid emails and shop. Also, they pay you for participating in various polls and for printing coupons. They run monthly contest as well. So monthly earnings can come out quite well with all these ways to earn. So how well do offers approve? They use a custom script(not shitcode) and I found that offers approve really well. All around, I give this site a thumbs up. Sign up here.

Update: I've noticed that QuickRewards will send daily emails to your inbox. If you don't want the daily emails, just sign into your account, click my account->email settings and select Do Not Send as an option.

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