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Get Paid $50 Per Referral

Monday, 25 February 2008
(U.S. and Canada residents only)

I didn't know if this should go in the freebie section or the money making section. But seeing as in how money is better than an iPod Touch (imo), General Money Making is where we landed :P

YouriPodTouch4Free(ref link) is a "freebie site" I had started on a few months back but didn't complete. I completed my offer requirements but never referred anyone. So I'm bringing it back to see if I can't get this thing completed and withdraw my $350 cash(7 referrals) 7 referrals isn't bad at all for $350.
Here's the details on this site if you don't know what it is or how it works. If you do know how it works, then go ahead and skip down to the prizes and requirements.

How it Works

Once you sign up, you'll be faced with some offers to complete(ie: Blockbuster, Build-a-Bear, etc) Certain offers give you so many credits. How many credits you need will depend on what prize you want. So you complete your offer(s), refer the required amount of friends to do the same thing, then you get your gift. It's called multi level marketing. See the tips page to make sure you get your offers to credit. Tips include clearing your cookies, etc.

Your Reward

  • $350 Cash - 7 referrals
  • 32gb iPod Touch - 10 referrals
  • $350 Apple Card - 7 referrals
  • 16gb iPod Touch - 8 referrals
  • 8gb iPod Touch - 5 referrals

  • This is a win-win situation. The companies get their sign ups, the freebie site gets their money from the company, and you(we) get our cash/reward. sign up if interested.

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