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General GPT tips

Sunday, 03 February 2008

For those of you that use or plan to use GPT sites, I've put a list of tips together to help you make more money and to make the process more simple. The following guide is very important to follow.

Lets start with clearing your cookies in your browser - Clearing your cookies is important because it allows you to get more of your offers to "approve". Cookies are how you are tracked and if your browser is full of them from you browsing the internet, then it's harder to get approved for an offer you've done.
In Internet Explorer - Click tools>internt options>click delete under browsing history. Then a you'll see a pop-up..Click "delete cookies".
In Firefox - Click tools>clear private data>put a check box next to "cookies">the click "clear private data now".
In Opera - Click tools>delete private>a pop-up will come up. Click details and make sure you have "delete all cookies" checked. Then click "delete".

Now lets talk about creating a new email account - When you sign up to offers and surveys on GPT sites you usually always have to supply your email address. Creating a new email addres just for these sites is a must-have so that you don't recieve tons of junk mail in your main email account.Gmail is great free email service.

I like to use Firefox - The better web browser - From my experience, when I use Firefox on GPT sites it seems that I get more offers to approve. It's also faster and more secure than Internet Explorer(in my opinion). So navigate to to download the latest version or just use the button below.

Another useful tool is having your own free private number to give to these websites - When filling out surveys you need to submit your phone number usally. The problem with that is that you will get never-ending calls from telemarketers. The solution to that problem is to give them a private voice mail number. gives you your own free private number so you can avoid these annoying daily calls.

Wouldn't it be easy to fill out surveys with one click? An automatic form filler does exsist my friend! It's called RoboForm. This free tool allows you to fill out loads of information. Once you fill it all out with the info, then all you have to do is click one button and it will fill out a form instantly. This saves alot of time, and time is money.

The last and most important tip is do not cheat - GPT sites tend to attract alot of frauders. People wanting to make a quick buck even quicker. They do not realize that it's not possible to cheat and get by with it. The only thing they will get out of cheating is bannage. They will ban you in a heartbeat if you've screwed them over. So just don't cheat!

I hope you've found some of these tips useful. You can also check out the page on how to get more referrals which is also under "tips".

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