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Saturday, 22 March 2008 is a PTC site that has been accused of stealing another PTC sites script. But that's not the shady thing I'm going to be talking about here. Before I explain what's going on with this site - I know people have been paid by Even some members here at CashJuke use without any problems (I think). But the simple fact that a site has paid members won't be enough to keep it off my scam list.

Let me tell you what loves to do. They loooove to sell unreferred referrals to you. Since everyone gets paid for referring members and at the same time struggle to refer lots of people, they will use this to their advantage. The last I checked, you can buy about 500 referrals for the price of $459.00 from They're alot more focused on this rather than providing enough ads for their members to click (They're a PTC site!).

Unpaid Members

There's alot of complaints about this site not paying up to it's loyal members. Yes, I know you will not be paid if fraud is detected but I don't believe that's the case here. I think they're extremely money hungry. Especially with the big referral business and the many unpaid members they got going on here. So are they a scam? In my eyes, yes. There's too many people not being paid.

Feel free to leave your complaints/praises about below in a comment.
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